I have become frustrated with the timeliness/scheduling of the office as this is not the first time I’ve had this experience. I will acknowledge that the office called me mid day to ask I come 30 minutes later for my appointment. I agreed. My new time was 4:00 pm. Still I wasn’t taken back to begin until 4:15. I completely understand running late but 15 min is more than running late. Then, I clearly stated to my hygienist (who was very polite and helpful) I needed to be done by 5 if not sooner and asked that we go as quick as possible ( I know somethings can’t be rushed and that’s ok )as I already had to ask my dad to adjust his babysitting to accommodate the office change. She said no problem. Despite my comment about being strapped for time there was no sense of urgency. I really enjoy my hygienist’s effort to make small talk but she kept stopping and talking not talking while working. I didn’t walk out until a little after 5 pm and I didn’t even see the dentist this visit!

I feel like the office is way busier than ever before which is great for business but customer service is suffering because of it. This is enough for me to consider another dental office.