No matter what, going to the dentist for any reason is for some is a traumatic experience. For some it’s the thought of a needle jabbed in your gums, the sound of the drilling or not being in control. For me it is the fear of the searing pain when the anesthesia is not adequate and the drill bit gets a little too close to the nerve. It comes on suddenly and hurts like heck. I have been to many, many different dentists all over the world and Dr. Brown and his team are by far the best I have experienced. Didn’t feel a thing !!!! Put yourself in the Dr,s shoes and you can imagine what it is like to deal with patients day in and day out who are all anxious to some degree and to have the ability to turn an anxious situation into a pleasing one. Dr. Brown and his team are really good at that. Yesterday, I left the office numbed to the max, but I had a smile on my face after being treated so well.

Great experience !!! Would definitely recommend Dr. Brown to all !!!