Athletic Mouth Guards

Similar to a Night Guard, a Sports Guard is a protective device for your teeth that covers both your gums and teeth during sports. These are also customized and removable appliances that we can design for you for sports such as basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse. Many injuries can be avoided by wearing a custom-made sports guard.


What Sports Should Use Mouth Guards?

Basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse are the most common sports that use a mouth guard, but they are suggested for all competitive compact sports!


How Do I Get an Athletic Mouth Guard and How Long Does It Take?

You would come in our office for an appointment to have impressions taken of your teeth (you bite down on a gooey tray) so that we can make models of your teeth. Then one of our assistants makes the night guard right here in our lab. Depending how busy they are that day, you can usually pick up the mouth guard the next day or within a few business days. When you come in to pick it up, we will have you try it on and make any adjustments as needed to make sure it fits perfectly and is comfortable.


Why Custom-Made Over Store-Bought Guards?

Here are reasons why custom-made sports guards are more beneficial than store-bought guards:

  • Customized to fit teeth exactly, so they stay in longer/better and allow for extra protection
  • Extra impact protection because thicker, higher quality material
  • Lasts longer because of the better quality of the material
  • More durable


How Do I Care for My Mouth Guard?

Clean your mouth guard by following these steps:

  • To clean, use cold water and a toothbrush to scrub gently
  • Let it dry in a cool or room-temperature place (or case)
  • Try to clean it after each use
  • Never put your guard in anything hot (hot water, dishwasher, etc.)