An extraction is the process of removing an entire tooth from your mouth. This procedure is performed only when there is severe decay of the tooth and there is no way of saving it. Both Dr. Brown and Dr. Huguelet have years of experience extracting teeth, when necessary. They are also trained in extracting wisdom teeth, depending on your situation and how impacted they are. Find out more information on Wisdom Teeth Extraction.

Most decayed teeth can be saved! A filling or a crown can sometimes treat decayed teeth. For this to occur, there needs to be enough healthy tooth structure above the jawbone to support the restoration.

On the other hand, if too much of your teeth are severely damaged and there is no tooth surface for a crown or a filling to attach to, then an extraction may be imperative.


When Is an Extraction Necessary?

Our doctors will try to save your teeth as best they can, however, sometime due to severe decay and serious infection, a tooth may need to be extracted completely and cannot be saved. When this occurs, it can be the best choice for relieving pain and preventing the spread of infection.

To determine if an extraction is the right choice for your situation, we will perform a thorough exam, typically including X-rays.


Are Extractions Painful?

With modern technology and specialized numbing techniques, an extraction will not be painful during the procedure. We will help you feel as comfortable as possible while in the chair. You can even listen to headphones while the procedure is being completed if that helps you relax.

Once the procedure is completed, you may be sore in your mouth the day after. Our doctors will call you the following day to make sure you are feeling okay and to answer any of your questions.


What Do I Do If I Need My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

We advise you to visit our Wisdom Teeth Removal page, if you are looking for additional information about the procedure.