Over the passed year, studies show that the consumption of soda (or pop 🙂 has decreased. With the rise of obesity and everyone trying to stay a bit more “fit” and healthier, it seems only right that we all try to stay away from soda. Each week there are more studies out that point out a new reason why soda harms our body and health.

Below are a few main reasons why one should limit their consumption of soda:

  1. Contributes to weight gain. If you look at one can of coke, it contains a whopping 300 calories.
  2. Sugar causes decay in your teeth, which leads to Infection, decay, and can lead to eventually tooth loss without treatment. 1 can of coke contains 33 GRAMS OF SUGAR. It also doesn’t help us if we are trying to watch our weight.
  3. Soda stains your teeth…who doesn’t want white teeth? Bacteria build up and plaque from soda builds up and creates a yellow-ish glow. Brushing your teeth in the morning and in the night does NOT always remove this.
  4. Soda can be addictive. Just like sugar, just like sweets. Many Americans are addicted to soda and have a difficult time limiting themselves to appropriate servings to protect their health.
  5. If you drinking from a plastic bottle, they most likely contain BPA which is a harmful chemical which can get into the soda…and therefore get into your system and harm your health.

Some ways of still enjoying soda are simply drinking it in moderation and also drinking it from a straw because that way it avoids as much contact with your teeth!