Let’s be honest. No one likes going to the dental office. The weird smells, the buzzing sound of the drill, and of course, the occasional injection in your mouth that you’ve been dreading the past month.

We understand. It’s not the most comfortable having someone look into your mouth for an extended period of time. Actually, 98% of adults admit to having some phobia of the dental office! This is unfortunate, as a person’s oral health relates to the rest of the body. Regular cleanings and checkups can prevent more serious treatment down the road (not to mention save you time and money).

Our office includes some small features to help you feel more comfortable and put you at east. If you have any more suggestions on ways we can help your appointment be a bit easy, we are all ears!

  1. Use the massage chair: Come a few minutes early and take a seat on our massage chair in the waiting room! As most of your know, a massage loosens up your muscles and has a very calming effect on the body and the mind. A good wait to start the visit.
  2. Enjoy Coffee/Tea/Snacks: We have a Keurig machine and a variety of tea that you are more than welcome to have prior to your appointment. Some people think they can’t eat or drink much before a dental appointment, but it actually doesn’t have any impact on your treatment 🙂
  3. Listen to music: As soon as you are seated in the dental chair, ask one of our assistance for a pair of headphones and we can play any music station you like (or you can use your own phone to play some tunes).
  4. Cuddle with a blanket: Ask one of our assistants for a clean, fluffy blanket and you are free to use it while in the chair. This is very relaxing and can make you feel more comfortable while reclining back in the dental chair.
  5. Know you are in good hands! Dr. Brown has over 30 years of experience, continuously studying innovative methods to keep his procedures as pain-free as possible 🙂