Root canals: two words that can send shivers down the spine of even the bravest individual. Unfortunately, this smile-saving dental treatment has become synonymous with pain and discomfort. But are root canals truly as painful as they are often made out to be? Let’s delve into the truth behind this common dental procedure.

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Understanding Root Canals

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand what a root canal entails. A root canal is a common dental procedure performed by a trained dentist to salvage a tooth that is infected or severely decayed

During the procedure, a dentist removes the infection. Then, they clean and disinfect the root canals before sealing them to hinder further infection. While the process may sound daunting, advancements in dentistry have made it significantly more comfortable than it once was, which is why nearly 15 million root canals are orchestrated yearly.

Dispelling the Myth of Pain

One of the most significant misunderstandings about root canals is that they are intensely painful. However, the truth is that modern anesthesia and techniques have made the procedure relatively painless for most patients

Before beginning the root canal, our Naperville dentists administer local anesthesia to desensitize the area around the affected tooth completely. This ensures that the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure and experiences minimal discomfort.

Our team may use additional measures (such as dental sedation) to help patients feel more at ease. With the right combination of anesthesia and patient care, the vast majority of individuals report feeling little to no pain during their root canal experience.

Streamlining the Process

Another common myth surrounding root canals is that they require multiple visits to the dentist, prolonging the discomfort. While this may have been the case in the past, advancements in dental technology have streamlined the root canal process. As a result, our team can complete root canals in a single visit

Of course, there will always be instances where multiple visits may be necessary, particularly for complex cases or severe infections. However, our dentists in Naperville will discuss the treatment plan with you beforehand, ensuring that you understand what to expect.

Benefits of Root Canals

In addition to debunking the myths surrounding the pain associated with root canals, it’s essential to highlight the benefits of undergoing this procedure. By saving the natural tooth through a root canal, patients can:

  • Maintain proper chewing function
  • Preserve the alignment of surrounding teeth
  • Avoid the need for more invasive treatments (such as tooth extraction and replacement)

Gentle Root Canals Near Naperville, IL

While the idea of a root canal may evoke fear in many individuals, the reality is far less daunting. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, root canals are now relatively painless procedures that offer numerous benefits for patients.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or suspect you may need a root canal, don’t hesitate to consult with Thomas F. Brown, DDS, in Naperville, IL. Request appointments online or call our team at (630) 369-3120 for more assistance.