Who would have thought that Ronaldinho needed cosmetic surgery? I don’t recall looking closely at his teeth before, but I came across an article today while reading the news about the famous soccer player having a surgeon fix his buck-teeth… Don’t worry, it won’t stop him from competing in the sport (he already played soccer the following day). It certainly will boost his confidence and maybe increase his performance because he is more comfortable with this smile ; ) I know that he has been often criticized and mocked in the news because of his appearance, but hopefully he won’t be seeing those comments anymore! It is very common for individuals to not be completely satisfied with either their smile or just a couple of teeth. The majority of the time, there is always some way in which your dentist can help you feel better about your teeth and smile. You just have to ask about the different options.

The picture to the right is what his teeth looked like before his new smile (courtesy of bleacherreport.com).

Unfortunately, I could not find an after picture of his new smile, but he actually ended up having porcelain veneers inserted. This is a very wise choice and excellent decision for those who want to re-design their smile. You can choose anywhere between 1 to 10 teeth to be covered in veneers. They are designed to look very natural in appearance and you can pick the exact shade you want (whether that is one that matched your existing color or a whiter one). Another great thing about veneers is that they can last up to 10 years (or more) before they need to be replaced. Ronaldinho is not going to regret the adjustments he made to his teeth!

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Here is the original article: http://www.globaltimes.cn/NEWS/tabid/99/ID/803728/Ronaldinho-unveils-new-smile.aspx

Dr. Brown can help you re-design your smile if that is something that you are unsatisfied with. For more information on Veneers at Dr. Brown’s office click HERE to watch an informational video about veneers!