I came back to Dr. Brown’s office after switching dentists over a year ago. Dr. Brown was fantastic before I left and still a fantastic dentist after I returned back as his patient. Alecia, the hygienist was too intense and made me nervous during my whole entire visit. I was nervous coming in and nervous leaving the office. I had to ask her several times to stop talking about how bad my gums were. She was so intense and overly dramatic about my poor gums that I felt as if there wasn’t a way or hope to fix my gum disease. Please encourage her to calm her patients by giving them hope and ways to fix/treat gum disease instead of making them feel like their teeth are going to fall out as a result. Yelling out, “3 BLEEDING!! 2, 4 BLEEDING! 5 BLEEDING!!!” during the gum measurement didn’t help at all. I will continue to see Dr. Brown since I believe he’s truly the best dentist in Naperville, but please have me see a more calming hygienist during my next visit. Thank you.