This dental office came highly recommended by my sister-in-law, who is currently a patient there. I was looking for a dentist who could perform all services in his office. My first appointment was an evaluation of the work I needed. Dr. Marie recommended that I eliminate the bridge I had and replace it with four implants. She also informed me that I had four cavities. At the next visit, she pulled a tooth, put in four posts for the implants, and filled the four cavities. All this work was done in one appointment! Upon completion of all this work, I asked whether I would need any pain medication. I was told to take Advil and Tylenol if needed. I hardly slept that night due to the pain. I called the office the next morning to request something for pain and an antibiotic as my jaw was swollen. The office immediately called in prescriptions for pain and an antibiotic. I am presently recuperating at home. This was a lot of work to be done in one appointment! I feel that I should have been sent home with prescriptions for pain and an antibiotic to prevent any possibility of infection. Instructions on using an ice pack would have been helpful as well. Next time, I won’t have this much work done in one appointment! HB