I listen to music through ear buds during any extended procedure. At one point during some recent work, Dr. Marie asked me to open wider. I wondered aloud if she could hear the music leaking out of my mouth and had recognized a song that she wanted to hear better. She just laughed and then completed the work necessary to result in a new four tooth bridge.

The process was relatively pain and discomfort free and my new teeth fit well and look very natural.

Dr. Marie is sure handed, continually verifies my comfort level as the work progresses and is a delightful person who takes a moment before and after each procedure to build a bit of personal relationship.

Dental work might be anxiety producing, but all of my actual experiences, both with Dr. Brown and Dr. Marie have always been easier than imagined and yield quality results.

Because of my excellent experiences, my wife is now also a patient and we both would never hesitate to offer a positive reference.

Now if you could find a dental solution for my increasing baldness we would really be on to something….