I came in for a cleaning. Mary Kay found cavities and also dislodged an onlay. I was told that if I waited in the reception room, they would come get me right away for fillings. I waited for about a half hour, while my husband waited outside in the van. He had originally expected the appointment to be about an hour. I called him and told him it would be 2 hours. It ended up being 2-1/2 hours. It was very expensive. I no longer have insurance, so it hurts my budget. When driving back to Michigan, we talked about finding a dentist over there. I will be back in the spring for my second cleaning on your QDP plan. My sister-in-law, in who’s home we stayed, said her cleanings are about $89. I found Madeline, at the front desk to be very kind and personable. She is a great asset to your practice.