Vicki first contacted us via email months before her first dental appointment. She expressed her concern for completing dental treatment because of her anxiety, but after answering a few questions about being sedated while finishing her treatment, she came in for a consultation.

She said she eventually “felt brave enough to come in” and “walked through the door crying.” We were glad to be able to help her feel comfortable and see what work she needed done.

“No one ever made me feel stupid. I felt so at ease. I felt I could get the treatment from people that cared about me and cared about my health. I wasn’t just another tooth walking through the door.”

Vicki completed all of her needed treatment while being sedated at our office with Dr. Brown and now comes in to get her teeth cleaned every three months while only on nitrous! Her goal for the end of this year is not to use any relaxant while in the dental chair.

We are very proud of how far she has come and extremely grateful that we are able to help her maintain her oral health!

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