Root canals have received a negative stigma over the years to a point where in whenever you hear “root canal”, pain is inadvertently associated. Indeed, one can say that Root Canal Therapy is considered to be the most feared dental procedure. But before you believe the hype and rumours due to inaccurate information, we implore you to make informed decisions and learn the truth yourself:

Relieve the pain – Not amplify it!

There could be a number of reasons why you’ll need a root canal treatment. Some grounds would include infection or inflammation of your tooth’s nerves or pulp (a condition called Pulpitis), broken teeth to a point where the crack has exposed nerve tissues or the worst would be trauma or injury to a tooth that causes it to die.  Take note that all these aforementioned irrevocable conditions of the tooth is where the PAIN comes from and not the procedure itself.  The perception that root canal being painful stems from early treatment methods used to perform the procedure decades ago BUT with advances in modern technologies and anaesthetics, you will hardly feel anything during the procedure!

Save the tooth –Not remove it!

While people prefer tooth removal over the root canal, it’s important to save your natural teeth! Nothing can completely replace your natural tooth that’s why saving it is the very best option. And that is precisely the whole point of root canal therapy. Instead, canals are cleaned and shaped on the inside only. What are removed are the nerve tissues and pulps along with some of the inside part of the root to ensure all the bacteria are extricated. After going through this treatment, the tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot or cold food or beverages.

Remember: Once your tooth is gone, it’s gone and no dental implant or bridge can replace the effective functions that a natural tooth can do. That’s why it’s important to save your natural teeth! Call us at Dr. Brown and we will gladly educate and cater to your questions regarding root canal therapy. Let us talk about safe methods to save your natural tooth and we would even go the extra mile to make sure you get the best and most comfortable procedures!