When it comes to protecting your pearly whites, mouthguards are essential gear (especially during sports or other physical activities). That’s why these appliances should be a part of your preventive dentistry efforts to keep your smile healthy and functional for years to come!

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While both store-bought and professionally-made mouthguards serve the purpose of safeguarding your teeth, there are distinct differences between the two options. In this blog, we delve into the disparities between store-bought and professionally-made mouthguards, shedding light on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Fit and Comfort

One of the most significant discrepancies between store-bought and professionally-made mouthguards lies in the fit and comfort they offer. Store-bought mouthguards are typically mass-produced and come in generic sizes. Although patients can boil and mold them to fit their mouths, store-bought appliances may not provide an ideal fit. Indeed, they often cause discomfort and hinder speech and/or breathing. 

Conversely, dental professionals can custom-make mouthguards to perfectly fit your smile. These appliances offer a snug fit, ensuring optimal comfort, breathability, and the ability to communicate effectively during physical activities.

Protection Level

When it comes to preserving your teeth from impacts and injuries, the level of protection provided by mouthguards plays a crucial role. Store-bought mouthguards generally offer basic protection, with limited shock absorption capabilities

On the other hand, professionally-made mouthguards usually employ high-quality materials, such as laminated or dual-layered ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyurethane. These professional materials provide superior shock absorption and distribute impact forces, reducing the risk of tooth fractures, dislocations, or other oral injuries.

Durability and Longevity

Considering the longevity and durability of your mouthguard is essential, especially if you participate in regular physical activities. Store-bought mouthguards, often made from less robust materials, tend to wear down more quickly, particularly with frequent use and biting pressure. They may need replacement more frequently, adding to the long-term cost. 

On the other hand, professionally-made mouthguards are constructed with durable materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of sports and physical activities. They offer greater longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and potentially saving you money in the long run.

Customization and Additional Features

Professionally-made mouthguards offer a range of customization options and additional features that store-bought alternatives lack. Dental professionals can tailor the mouthguard to fit your mouth perfectly, ensuring maximum protection and comfort. They can also incorporate special features, such as extra cushioning for individuals with braces or dental work. 

Custom-Made Mouthguards in Naperville, IL

While both store-bought and professionally-made mouthguards aim to protect your teeth, the disparities between the two options are substantial. Store-bought mouthguards may be more affordable and readily available, but they often fall short in terms of fit, protection, durability, and customization. 

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