1. Originated in early Europe. A baby’s tooth was typically buried when it fell out, but when the sixth tooth came out, it became a custom for the parent to place a gift or money under the pillow as a reward for the tooth. No exact date of origin is recorded, but people guess it was around the 1800′s.
  2. A tooth is worth $3.75! According to a recent survey completed in 2013, an American child receives an average of $3.75 per tooth…thats $75 for only 20 teeth!
  3. 74% of surveyed people think the tooth fairy is a girl~ While 12% believe it is neither male nor female, and 8% believed it could be either.

Check out this video from ABC News of an Airman dad who returned home just in time to be his daughter’s tooth fairy! I think the majority of parents in our culture today participate in being the “tooth fairy” with their young children. What kid doesn’t like getting a surprise under their pillow!? Some people, however, argue that the tooth fairy is taking a bigger chunk of their parent’s wallets. When kids are getting $50 per tooth, they can be making $500 for just 10 teeth!

Fun Facts collected from Wikipedia and NBC.