Who isn’t afraid of cavities!?!? With Halloween quickly approaching, I am sure everyone’s costumes are picked out and almost ready to wear! Everyone is gradually stocking up on the best candy bars and sweets!

Around the office here, patients ask us how bad eating all that Halloween candy really is and what they can do to help their kids and/or family stay a bit healthier a midst all of the SUGAR!

Here are some helpful tips on staying healthy, but enjoying some candy next week:

  1. Eat a balanced diet… as always.
  2. Keep up with your oral hygiene! Especially if you are going to be snacking on sweets more than you usually do!
  3. Eat sweets with meals (or right after). This can help your body wash down the sugar and digest easier. Your body also will produce more saliva which will decrease the chance of cavities forming.
  4. Rinse with water immediately after eating candy- this will help a bit move the sugar away from your teeth if you can’t exactly brush your teeth at the time. Every bit helps.
  5. Floss to remove candy stuck between the teeth (we all know that caramels and Laffy Taffys love to get in between them!)

And lastly, DON’T EAT EVERYTHING AT ONCE! Your body needs a break and you also want to enjoy it every time you take it out, so savoring it for a certain time of day can help! 😉