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Since 1985, we’ve come to know what people really want in dental care: a state-of-the-art professional who is affordable. Naperville Family & Sedation Dentist Dr. Thomas Brown provides modern dentistry at a fair price. We’re consistently expanding our techniques and services; specializing in sedation, dental implants, and much more (view a complete list of our services.) we’ve been able to provide our patients with a pain-free experience that you will not regret!

It is Dr. Brown’s mission to provide exceptional care and uncompromising dental precision in a personal, professional, and efficient manner. Dr. Brown and his daughter/associate, Dr. Marie Huguelet, work diligently to efficiently deliver the best dental care in the Naperville community. The office strives to be the best oral health care professionals that they can be, with the best education, the best service, and the most comfortable, family-oriented place for patients to be cared for.

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Digital X-rays: safe or unsafe?

"X-rays are energy in the form of waves, identical to visible light. In fact, the only difference between light and x-rays is that light doesn’t have enough energy to go through your body and x-rays do. Both can make an image on photographic film, so both types of...
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5 ways to relax at your dental visit

Let’s be honest. No one likes going to the dental office. The weird smells, the buzzing sound of the drill, and of course, the occasional injection in your mouth that you’ve been dreading the past month. We understand. It’s not the most comfortable having someone look...
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Clara’s Testimonial: “Great sense of humor..and I can trust him” [VIDEO]

Clara has been a patient of Dr. Brown's for about 29 years. A handful of her family has also come to the office - including her sister mother, and nephews. She says that Dr. Brown has a "great sense of humor and gives the best advice that anyone in his position can...
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