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What is Family Dentistry?

Our professionals at Thomas F. Brown, DDS specialize in family dentistry and have learned how to treat people of all ages. This is a little different from general dentistry. Our family dentist has specialized training to treat specific ages, meaning their education includes treating children and elderly patients. A general dentist has been trained to perform general dental practices, but they haven’t received specific training for children or elderly adults.

If you’re looking for a new dentist, our dental office in the Naperville area offers care for your entire family. It’s even better if you find one you and your children can visit for the foreseeable future.

They Know Your Medical History

Using one dentist for your whole family means they’ll have a thorough understanding of your medical history. The longer you remain with the same family dentist, the more familiar they’ll be with your oral health. Starting your children early with a family dentist at Thomas F. Brown, DDS means allowing them to stay with someone who will know their complete dental history firsthand.

It’s Convenient

Everyone in your family requires at least two annual visits with us each year for teeth cleanings and an oral examination. For a family of four, this adds up to eight dental visits every year. These must be scheduled between other medical visits, school, work, sports, and other responsibilities. Family dentistry is convenient because you can potentially take the whole family for their annual visits on the same day. No shuttling between offices is required.

Model Good Oral Health Habits

When you and your children use the same dentist, you have the opportunity to model good oral health habits. Children learn best by seeing behaviors modeled for them by important adults in their lives. So allowing your children to see that you regularly visit our dentist sets them up for lifelong good oral health.

Develop a Strong Bond with Your Dentist

Our family dentist and office staff can quickly feel like family. You’ll see them more often than you would a regular dentist, and they’ll be familiar with every member of your family. This provides the opportunity to develop a strong bond that makes you and your children feel comfortable and confident in their dental care.

Create Positive Experiences for Your Children

Alongside that strong bond, family dentistry allows you to create positive experiences for your children. It’s normal for children to feel afraid of the dentist, especially on their first visit. By showing you’re already familiar with their dentist, you can help put your children at ease.

Potentially Better Oral Health

Parents often place their health on the back burner because of how overwhelming it can be to shuttle one, two, three, or even more children back and forth to their healthcare providers. By simplifying your family’s dentist visits, you could potentially improve your own oral health.

Family Dentistry Is the Answer to Your Family’s Oral Health

At Thomas F. Brown, DDS, family dentistry can make oral health more accessible and comfortable. Schedule appointments for your entire family today and keep those smiles healthy and beautiful.

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