Some people think that lack of brushing their teeth is what causes bad breath. But some people brush their teeth and they still experience some form of odor from their mouth! What can it be? And what can you do to help maintain your oral health?

Below are 5 SOURCES of BAD BREATH (& Tips to counter them):

1. Bacteria: This is the main cause of bad breath. And of course, some people naturally have more than others which is why some people are more prone to halitosis (bad breath). When you are asleep, they multiply on your tongue and mix with your saliva. The first step you can take to counter this is brushing your teeth with toothpaste. That’s simple.

2. Skipping Breakfast: Your bacteria are building up overnight while you sleep, you brush your teeth and clean what you can, but when you skip breakfast your body’s saliva glands are still slow from your sleep. EATING a balanced diet, or I guess eating anything, stimulates those saliva glands and helps clean additional bacteria. EAT BREAKFAST when you can!

3. Medications: Some meds (antidepressants and even aspirin, etc) actually cause your saliva glands to slow down, which means there is less to clean you tongue and, again, the bacteria can build up. Make sure to stay hydrated. Even snacking on foods throughout the day will stimulate your glands. Orbit sugar-free gum or something similar may help.

4. Diet: “Foods high in protein or dairy products generate large amounts of amino acids, which are fodder for bacteria. A diet low in carbs burns stored fat, creating toxic-smelling ketones. And last year, researchers linked bad breath with obesity, although the basis is unclear.” Some articles suggest that you should make sure you actually eat cards and not avoid them ENTIRELY, Your body does need them.

5. Alcohol: Heavy consumption makes your mouth dry just like some meds — which slows your saliva down. So stay hydrated!