Happy National Orthodontic Month!

Here at Dr. Brown’s Dental Office, we offer various types of clear, adult braces, but the majority of adults/kids that come into our office have the traditional braces on their teeth.

Although most people think that brushing them 2 times per day is sufficient, there are other tools/tips that can help you maintain better oral health while you have braces! We know that it can be a bit tricky flossing and properly treating your gums.

We asked our hygienists and below are some of the tips they offered:

1. Use a Waterpik (read more about them at their site: http://www.waterpik-store.com/). Waterpiks shoot water out in a stream so that you can clean in between the brackets and get food out. It also allows a stream to pulse over you gums, which can help sooth them and relieve tension. Completing this at least once a day will be super helpful!

2. Use a floss threader. These pieces of floss have a small plastic part at the end with a hole (like a sewing needle) that allows you to floss in between brackets. We know that no one ever likes to floss, but once you get the hang of using this, then it really is helpful…especially when you start seeing everything that’s coming out of those braces! With braces, your gums are being compressed together as your teeth shift and they easily become sore and bleed a great deal! If you floss, it helps them adjust and be less sensitive (similar to using a Waterpik)

3. Brush day and night… I know, I know… the obvious… but you would be surprised how many people still don’t remember to brush in the morning and at night, so make sure that you have this basic step down 😉

4. Contact your Orthodontist right away if you break a wire or if a bracket comes off! This can cut your mouth and also set your time in braces back, so the earlier you contact someone the better.

5. Avoid stringy, sticky foods. This all can get stuck in there for a LONG time and take a while to come out. When sugary foods and extra junk is sitting around on your tooth, it can lead to decay!

Hope you enjoyed these and found them helpful!