It’s summer time! Who doesn’t want to whiten their teeth a few shades before summer vacation plans?! Although Dr. Brown’s office offers multiple methods of teeth whitening, the fastest and most effective way to whiten your teeth in our Naperville practice is with the Biolase Laser. It is important to note, however, that the effects of whitening can vary from patient to patient. If someone comes in with decently white teeth already, his/her teeth won’t change as drastically as someone with slightly yellow teeth! Here are some quick Q&As about laser whitening! As always, give us a call with any questions or ask your hygienists when you’re in for an appointment 🙂

Pros of Laser Whitening?

  • Causes less sensitivity than other teeth whitening systems (this is because your gums are protected during the laser procedure, whereas with trays, the bleach can go all over your mouth and hurt!)
  • Results are immediate! Trays can take a bit…
  • The procedure itself only takes 20 minutes! (60 minutes with setup+cleanup)
  • Whitens teeth up to 4-6 shades

What is laser whitening and how does it work?

Laser whitening is a teeth whitening system that utilizes a laser to activate the bleaching agent placed on teeth. The laser reduces the amount of time needed for the bleach to whiten your teeth and also makes the bleach more effective. Before the laser is used, a protective gel will be placed on your gums to prevent sensitivity and your lips will be held away from your teeth. You will also wear protective glasses. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the laser is used to activate the gel. Afterwards, your teeth are rinsed and you are all set to go!

How long does it take?

It takes about 20 minutes for the actual whitening, but 60 minutes including setup and cleanup.

Will I get different results than with take home whitening trays?

It depends on the person and it depends what you are looking to get out of the whitening system! I know that’s not the best answer, but it truly depends on the person. If someone has minor stains on their teeth to whiten, then take home trays might be a good option. However, if someone wants instant white teeth without having to do a few sessions with overnight trays, then the laser whitening system might work best. Also, if someone has a tendency to have hyper sensitive teeth and/or gums after whitening trays, then the laser is a nice option for them as it minimizes sensitivity because we protect your gums before applying the bleach.

Is it dangerous?

Laser Whitening Systems are approved by the American Dental Association and are monitored closely by the hygienist or doctor who is completing the treatment while in the office. All necessary safety precautions are taken while this is completed.

Will it hurt?

No, it is not painful! A very small percentage of people may have slight sensitivity, but it is uncommon. You can avoid extremely hot or cold food/drinks 24 hours after the treatment as a precaution.

How long does it last?

Laser whitening can last 6 months or longer (some people say 1+ years), but, as mentioned before, every person is different. The amount of time that it lasts can be depend on tooth structure, personal diet habits, and overall oral health. In order to extend and maximize the effects of the laser whitening, Dr. Brown suggests the use of at-home whitening trays. This will maintain the shade over longer periods of time.


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