Root canal therapy is a dental treatment that has garnered its fair share of myths and misconceptions over the years. These myths can create unnecessary fear and anxiety for those facing the prospect of a root canal. Luckily, our dentist in Naperville, IL, is here to dispel the myths so that you can feel confident going into the procedure.

Do you have persistent tooth pain, a red bump around sore teeth, or chronic bad breath? You might be living with a root canal infection. Root canal therapy with Dr. Thomas F. Brown in Naperville, IL, can save your tooth and prevent further pain and damage. Give us a call today at (630) 369-3120 to get the comprehensive care you need.

In this blog, Dr. Brown debunks some common root canal therapy myths to help you better understand this essential dental procedure.

Myth #1: Root Canals Are Excruciatingly Painful

One of the most persistent myths about root canals is that they are incredibly painful. In reality, modern root canal therapy is a relatively painless procedure

Dentists use local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth and the surrounding area before starting the treatment. Patients may experience some discomfort during the recovery period, but this is typically manageable with over-the-counter pain medications. 

Myth #2: Root Canals Cause Illness

There is a long-standing but unfounded belief that root canals can lead to systemic illness. This myth dates back to the early 20th century when a dentist named Dr. Weston Price suggested a link between root canal-treated teeth and various health problems. 

However, extensive scientific research has since debunked this claim. Root canals are a safe and effective way to save a damaged or infected tooth without causing systemic illness.

Myth #3: Pulling the Tooth Is a Better Option

This myth is untrue for several reasons. First, preserving your natural tooth is generally preferable because it helps maintain proper oral function and alignment.  

Second, tooth extraction can be more invasive, painful, and costly in the long run. This is because it often necessitates additional dental work (such as dental implants or bridges) to replace the missing tooth.

Myth #4: Root Canals Are Only for Severe Pain

While severe pain can be a symptom of an infected tooth, it’s not the only indicator. Other signs may include:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Swollen gums
  • Dental abscesses (red bumps filled with bacteria-laden pus)
  • Bad breath
  • Increasing fatigue 
  • Sudden fever

Myth #5: Root Canals Are Time-Consuming

Thanks to modern techniques and equipment, the process is efficient and relatively quick. In most cases, root canal procedures can be done in a single visit to the dentist

Myth #6: Root Canals Weaken Teeth

It’s true that a tooth may become somewhat more brittle after the inner pulp is removed and replaced with a filling. However, dentists usually recommend placing a crown on the tooth to strengthen and protect it for a lifetime

Gentle Root Canal Therapy Near Naperville, IL

Root canal therapy myths often create unnecessary anxiety and fear surrounding this essential dental procedure. But, in reality, root canals are a safe, effective, and relatively painless way to save a damaged or infected tooth while preserving your natural smile and oral health. 

However, time is of the essence. So, if you think that you could benefit from this tooth-saving procedure, contact Dr. Thomas F. Brown in Naperville, IL online today or give our team a call at (630) 369-3120 now.