Celebrity News have been talking about spotting Prince George’s first baby teeth! As you can see in the picture, it looks like he has about 2 coming out on the bottom of his mouth. Many parents wonder when they really need to be brushing their kid’s teeth or even when to bring them into the dental office. All very important questions.

First of all, baby teeth are vital to help us chew, and also are placeholders for our adult teeth. When the baby teeth have not erupted yet, it is a smart idea to take care of the gums by gently wiping over them with a wet cloth or gauze (just with water). This prevents bacteria buildup on the gums and can be done 1-2x per day.

Once your child has his first tooth come in, others will soon follow quickly! When they start teething and chewing on anything they can put in their mouth, you know they are getting their baby teeth. With those, it is great to start developing familiarity with a small toothbrush. Brushing their baby teeth (and gums) gently 2x/day is what is recommended to prevent decay and develop strong, healthy teeth. It is also a great way to develop a habit of brushing with your children, so they will continue to do it as they get older! Typically, it is not recommended that toothpaste is used until they are at least one years of age, then you can use a small amount of it.

So when should you bring them into the dentist? Depending on how your child’s teeth are, most dentists don’t see children until they are about 1-2 years of age. Your dentist can answer questions about the growing teeth, check for decay, abnormalities, and tell you how thumb sucking can affect your child- all very important and common questions! Hopefully Kate Middelton is taking proper care of Prince George’s new teeth 😉

Picture a courtesy of: http://www.entertainmentwise.com/photos/146197/1/Babys-First-Tooth-Prince-George-Shows-Off-Two-Teeth-At-Royal-Playdate