We all see her big, white, smile and wonder if those are her natural teeth or if she (like many other famous people) had some major cosmetic procedure completed!

Her teeth aren’t absolutely symmetrical or artificial, which is the look she is going for. I think they fit her quite well though. According to an article found HERE, the lovely Kate did not want typical “American teeth.” Rather, she hired a French dentist to help make her smile a little more fit for her position. He supposedly completed “micro-rotations” of her teeth to create an improved, but still natural look.

So it looks like Kate had braces for a short time period. They must have been invisible and still no one knows when this occurred! Either way, she now has the perfect, imperfect smile like she wanted! Dr. Fillion says: “Teeth that look like piano keys are not good, so we try to give back some details, maybe a space we don’t close, or a shorter incisor. Tom Cruise? Too perfect for me. After my treatment most of my patients do not need veneers.” He said he tries to match a person’s smile and their teeth to their personality.

(the picture to the left is a BEFORE shot and the 2 on the right side are with her new smile)

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