Night Mouth Guards


Are grinding your teeth while you sleep at night? Do you often wake up with a tired, stiff jaw? When you look in the mirror, are your teeth worn down and shorter than they used to be?

Bruxism is a medical condition in which people clench and grind their teeth (mostly while sleeping). This will wear down the tooth’s natural enamel and may lead to hypersensitive teeth, a sore jaw, and minor to major headaches. You would be surprised how common this condition is! A night guard will help relieve this pain and save your teeth! The way in which your teeth fit together when you bite down is extremely important.

What Is a Night Guard?

A night guard is a custom-made clear, thin removable device to fit over your upper and lower teeth to wear while you sleep.


How Can a Night Guard Help My Jaw Pain or My Teeth Grinding?

Wearing a night guard covers your teeth and prevents them from touching while sleeping. This prevents grinding of your teeth on teeth. Instead, your teeth just touch the night guard. Your jaw will feel much more relaxed and comfortable because you can’t clench your teeth.

Because night guards are custom-made, our doctors will spend a great deal of time adjusting your bite while wearing it and making it the best for your jaw and bite.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard?

Here are several ways you can benefit from having a night guard:

  • Prevents grinding of teeth
  • Reduces headaches
  • Prevents sore jaws
  • Reduce sensitivity of teeth
  • Save healthy teeth
  • Prevent cavities (due to grinding/tooth breakdown)