About 50 % of adults have some sort of fear about going to the dentist. Some of the patients that Dr. Brown sees regularly don’t like needles, some don’t like the sound of the drill piercing their ears, some don’t like the dental assistants being super close to them, and some patients just don’t like the idea of anyone in their mouth at all. If you can relate to anything similar to these feelings, know that you are most certainly NOT ALONE.

With SEDATION DENTISTRY, Dr. Brown is able to put you to sleep while you are in the dental chair. Most of our patients who use this method do NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING. They are able to complete all of their dental treatment in one visit, while not having to think about it. This is a great option for anyone who has a difficult time coming into the dental office. Mary Carol, Julie, and Angie, our dental assistants, are very friendly and welcoming and help our patients feel comfortable and at ease during the sedation procedure.

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