Do you have failing, missing, or broken teeth? It is very common to have a gap in your mouth somewhere — There are various reasons for missing, broken, or damaged teeth that cause gaps.

Dental implants are a great solution to replacing those gaps with customized teeth that help complete your smile. Although dental implants are often considered a cosmetic procedure, they have other functions as well. They are becoming more popular and dentists have developed such advanced methods in today’s world, that they are an excellent, affordable option.

  1. Great Self-Confidence: Everybody deserves to smile confidently! We know we all feel more comfortable when we feel good about the way we look – It’s natural. A nice, healthy smile goes a long way 😉
  2. Better Oral Health: With a missing gap between two teeth, it is easier for plaque and bacteria to build up in there, causing decay or swollen gums. Your teeth can also drastically shift and alter your bite. This negatively affects your jaw as well.
  3. Functionality: Implants are not only cosmetic services, but help your mouth be more functional! They can help with chewing, speaking, and even with other dental treatment such as crowns and bridges.
  4. Improved Comfort: There can be several symptoms of missing, failing, or broken teeth that make us feel uncomfortable

Implants help improve your overall appearances, as well as help your mouth stay healthy and well taken care of. They are also becoming more popular today in the dental field. Dr. Brown is certified to complete dental implants. If you or someone you know may need someone to help them learn more about dental implants, call us today and we will offer you a complimentary consultation to see if there is a way that we can help you.