Have you ever wondered whether Crest whitening strips or professional bleaching trays are more effective for whitening your teeth? A handful of our patients ask this question because they want the quickest and most accurate product to whiten their teeth ;and who wouldn’t want to brighten their smile the best way possible?

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians were the first people to invent some form of whitening teeth? They used ground pumice stone mixed in wine vinegar as a sign of beauty and wealth… Fast forward to Ancient Rome, where they used their own urine as a bleaching method – yes, gross! In the 1600’s, people went to their local barbers and were surprisingly disappointed when their teeth eroded and decayed when they applied acid… That didn’t work! It’s amazing to see how teeth whitening has evolved! Now that you know a brief history, let’s delve into the pros and cons of Crest whitening strips and professional teeth whitening!

Crest Whitening Strips:
  • PROS:
    • Easily accessible (you can buy them at Target, Walmart, etc.)
    • Lower price (prices range from around $25-$75)
    • Different bleaching levels (different strength, that is)
  • CONS:
    • Weak bleaching strength (compared to professional teeth whitening)
    • Not fitted to your teeth which can cause uneven bleaching if not applied correctly
    • Causes gum sensitivity to some because not fitted to teeth (easily spreads to gums/ not contained)
    • Constantly buy more strips (this is also due to the low strength of the bleach)
In Office Whitening:
  • PROS:
    • Higher levels of bleaching, so quicker results
    • Monitored by professionals for help if irritation occurs
    • Evenly whitens teeth because custom fit trays
    • Custom-molded trays last a lifetime! You only have to purchase them once!
  • CONS:
    • Initially more expensive (offices charge anywhere from $150-$350 for services)
    • Have to visit dental office to complete (You need to have an impression taken of your mouth so they can make the trays for you)
    • May cause sensitivity temporarily because bleaching is at higher level (only some people)

Hope this helps clarify any thoughts you many have.
Feel free to give us a call if you have any more questions or look HERE for some more information.

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Have a good day everyone,

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