Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience for many people. Whether it’s the sound of the drill or the fear of pain, dental anxiety can cause patients to avoid important dental treatments. Fortunately, sedation dentistry with our dentist in Naperville, IL, can help alleviate these fears and make dental visits more comfortable.

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Medical professionals have been using sedatives to assist them during treatments for centuries. So, it’s no wonder why sedation dentistry is quickly becoming the hallmark of comfortable dental work. In this blog, we tell you what sedation dentistry is and its many, life-changing benefits.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a type of dentistry that involves the use of medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. There are several types of sedation dentistry, ranging from minimal sedation to deep sedation, depending on the patient’s needs.

Minimal sedation, also known as “laughing gas” or nitrous oxide sedation, involves the use of a gas that the patient inhales through a mask. The gas helps the patient relax and feel more comfortable during the procedure. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly, and patients can usually drive themselves home after the procedure.

Moderate sedation, also known as conscious sedation, involves the use of oral medication or IV sedation to help patients feel more relaxed. Patients are still conscious during the procedure, but they may not remember much of it afterward. With moderate sedation, patients may need someone to drive them home after the procedure.

Deep sedation, also known as general anesthesia, involves the use of medication to put the patient to sleep during the procedure. Patients are not conscious during the procedure and will need someone to drive them home afterward.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has many life-changing benefits, such as:

Reducing Anxiety

Over 35% of Americans report experiencing dental anxiety. Oftentimes, this anxiety keeps patients from going to their dentists, even if they really need medical intervention.

For patients with dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed during their procedures.

Decreasing Pain

Sedation dentistry can help reduce pain and discomfort during dental treatments. This can be especially helpful for patients with sensitive teeth or gums or during invasive procedures.

Saving Time

With sedation dentistry, dentists can get more dental work done in a single visit. This saves both the dentist and patient valuable time and reduces the number of appointments needed for treatment.

Improving Dental Health

Sedation dentistry helps patients who typically avoid the dentist get the oral care they need and deserve. As a result, patients can maintain their oral health and prevent devastating issues in the future.

Increasing Comfort

Sedation dentistry is all about increasing patients’ comfort, regardless of the treatments they need. This helps patients get the gentle care they need without taxing their mental, emotional, or physical health.

Sedation Dentistry in Naperville, IL

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