A Dental Restoration or Filling is used to restore the function, integrity, and shape of missing tooth structure after the decay is removed from the tooth. Cavities, dental procedures, or various external trauma may cause teeth to break or chip, so they need to properly be cared for and protected from further infection or decay.

A cavity needs to be taken care of as soon as possible because it only grows larger. After the decay is cleaned out of the tooth, Dr. Brown fills it with white composite material that resembles your natural tooth. Filling your teeth with the appropriate material is vital to ensuring that no additional bacteria enters. A dental restoration can prevent severe infection and, in some instance, reduce any tooth pain associated with the decay.


How Do I Know If I Have a Cavity?

Our dentists use a Diagnodent to help them find tooth decay more effectively. A Diagnodent is a type of dental technology that uses a harmless laser probe to detect early stages of decay. This advanced technology is an excellent way to prevent a small amount of decay from growing and destroying the tooth itself.

If you are experiencing pain on a tooth, it is possible that it could be a larger filling and needs to be taken care of before turning into a root canal or a crown. Dentists can identify decay using microscopic lenses during a thorough exam, which can include a visual inspection and the use of a dental explorer, X-Rays, and sometimes other specialized technology.


How Is a Cavity Treated?

There are several types of restorations, including fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns, and these can be made from a variety of different dental materials in a laboratory. It is best to listen to your dentist’s suggestions on what is the best possible solution for your personal situation and cavity.


How Long Does It Take to Fill Cavities?

Because each cavity is unique and every person’s oral health is different, times may vary. Cavities come in all shapes and sizes. Once a cavity is diagnosed, the dentist can estimate how much time it will take to fill and if they can complete it the same day for your convenience.